Virtual Campus by city
Virtual Campus by city

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Real-estate Engagement and management suite

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Elevate your status as a local estate agent near a thriving university hub.

Key Benefits:

  • Full and Limitless Access: Dive into the heart of an established and viral community.
  • Expand Your Portfolio: Extend premium offerings to your investment clientele.
  • Establish Your Authority: Become the go-to reference for this dynamic community.

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Our meticulous selection process ensures not just service excellence but also controls the exclusivity status and availability in your area. This ensures a unique and premium experience for our partners.

Experience Seamless Operations

with Our Comprehensive Technical Support and Hosting Solutions!

Introducing the pioneering SAAS solution that grants you unparalleled access to a robust and influential community.

Full online presence

  • Tailored solutions for both computer and mobile platforms.

Administration tool


  • A robust CRM designed to dynamically cater to your needs:
    • Unlimited property management
    • Unlimited user management
    • Streamlined sales engagements
    • Effective rental and support management tools
    • Automated emails on demand, and much more.

Customer Success Support

  • Empower yourself with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who guides you through:
    • Environment creation
    • Winning procedures insights
    • Personalized signature creation
    • Seamless onboarding
    • Weekly operational support for ongoing success.

Quick and Efficient Setup



  • Experience the power of our solutions within 5 to 15 days of setup, ensuring a swift ingeration to operational excellence.Our IT solution has progressively been designed based on our 20-year experience of the top 10 World MBA  community and Students behaviors

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INSEAD europeen Campus

INSEAD Fontainebleau

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Strategic Location Advantage:

Proximity to renowned institutions is not just a factor; it’s a key asset. We leverage the strategic advantage of being close to top-tier institutions to enhance the appeal of your offerings.