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We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant rights in France2019-11-11T13:47:53+00:00

The French legal system is strongly pro-tenant.
Once the keys have been handed over, the landlord does not have the right to enter the property without the tenant’s consent, and may be charged with trespassing or harassment for doing so.

The landlord does not have the right to check up on the tenant, for example, annual property inspections, unless this has been agreed in the rental contract.

They do have the right to enter the property to undertake essential work and routine maintenance (although not improvements to the property), with advance notice and the tenant must allow this.

Virtual Campus Chart of quality2019-11-14T18:26:44+00:00

City-junction and INSEAD have joined forces to establish a standard of quality. This is controlled and regulated so that both our students can enjoy their experience at INSEAD and our French owners can enjoy contact with our foreign students.

Choosing a property at a distance makes the quality control an invaluable asset. The Virtual Campus chart is a vital recognition of the standard of a property.

The inclusion/exclusion of our quality chart and the social ratings of our properties are updated twice a year by the Virtual Campus Commission, composed of INSEAD Student Life representatives and City Junction management team.

Our commitment of clarity.2019-11-14T18:46:39+00:00

Your rights, your obligations, insurances, utilities, charges included, excluded, provisioned, taxes, rental conditions, agent fees… there are so many details that come with renting a property.

Most of these “details” are regulated today by law, yet if you don’t know the law you may be overwhelmed once you get here. We are here to make it clear for you.

We want to make sure that you are aware of what is to expected from you and to make sure that you can plan and forecast your expenses. In the same way, we want to make sure both owners and tenants understand their obligations.


What will happen after your departure?
Did the landlord fulfil his obligations? Did you fulfil yours?

Accountability is where INSEAD and the Virtual campus join forces.
It is important to respect the housing market for future students to enjoy. As long as the properties are given back in the same condition they were found, with all rentals up to date, the deposits will be returned.

City Junction does not work with owners who unnecessarily retain deposits.

How can we help2019-11-14T18:23:34+00:00

We will ensure both parties (landlords and tenants) are aware of their contract agreement and we will assist both parties by all acceptable means during their contract period.

You will be given access during the period of your stay, to an online folder containing to all the documents related to your rental : The student Safe house

Our guaranties2019-11-14T18:45:38+00:00

Over the past 15 years we have established a strong relationship with every one of our landlords.

Our goal is to provide and to maintain the best possible house selection and to provide a trusted partner that will help and support students in booking and rental process.

A mutual respect and understanding of each others expectations is important for all of us.

How to book2019-11-14T18:47:06+00:00

The booking is done in three steps.

Step 1
Once you have chosen a property and are happy to go ahead and book. We would need from you a copy of your passport and admissions letter to INSEAD; and an address outside France for the contracts.

Step 2
We will send you a reservation form to sign with all the details of your future apartment; ie monthly rental; deposit; address and contract duration. This form stands in place until the contracts are signed on your arrival with the owners. This is confirmation of your commitment to rent the apartment for the duration and with the price advertised; and the owner’s commitment to rent to you under the same conditions.

a At this point you will be expected to pay the deposit; which is normally two months rental without the charges; directly to the owner whose details we shall send you. You shall make another transfer to City Junction for the booking fee. These are two different transfers.
At this point we shall be sending you; information on the tenant insurance.

Step 3
Confirmation of the booking; and logistics of moving into the premises. We shall also at this point be issuing you an attestation of domicile for visa purposes; if applicable.

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