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15 years of experiences

This is our historical activity. We started 15 years ago with a simple objective: Make life easier.
Being expatriates ourselves, we understand more than ever your fears, doubts, and issues you may have: we have been there too.
The Virtual campus has been built to make sure that, during your short period in INSEAD, your accommodation is troubleless “routine” that shall only contribute to a great student life experience.
We have been servicing more than 3000 students coming from 190 different countries. It would be very pretentious from us to think that we know it all, yet we can definitely say that we know what we are talking about.


Your life in Fontainebleau

This is our latest investment and already 300 followers. Dedicated to Fontainebleau region, Lifeinfontainebleau regularly posts some ideas of restaurants, activities, and much other information.”
“What to do in Fontainebleau” goes certainly away from our lodging expertise, yet we also believe that your life out of your house is also a great portion in the success of your future experience. You can now get an inside look at few local tips and tricks.
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This is something that became obvious to us. Numerous students acquire during their stay, items that unfortunately don’t fit in the departure suitcases. Left behind?
INSEAD swap and sell available on Facebook is a private group that offers the possibility to members to buy, sell, give, swap anything that became a “burden” to your peers.
The Facebook group is running in all autonomy. The Virtual Campus implication is limited to the page administration and has required NO commission on any transaction. It is all about direct contacts.

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