Sharing in Fontainebleau

The trend has reached Fontainebleau and is now available for INSEAD students.
Even if Coliving is more attached to creating its international brand and standards, it remains, in a local point of view, no more and no less than a clever commune.

Coliving and communes

Coliving as a modern concept traces its origins to shared living models of the 19th and 20th centuries such as communes yet ancient forms of communal living such as the longhouse date back thousands of years. Its contemporary form has gained prominence in recent years due to a growing interest in lifestyles not dependent upon long-term contracts.
An increasing number of people across the world are turning to coliving in order to unlock the same benefits as other communal living models (such as communes), including “comfort, affordability, and a greater sense of social belonging

Coliving in Fontainebleau

Market findings

Coliving or communes have the benefits to work on ALL Inclusive bases. Some even included some very basics weekly cleaning supports (only dust and trashes… don’t get too excited!). No surprise for the tenants, all charges and administration fees are included in the rent. Be aware, the number of residents for commune is limited in Fontainebleau.

Cost of Coliving in Fontainebleau