Welcome to Fontainebleau

If you are reading this is because the long nights of studying and all the hard work has finally paid off, and you have received the news that you so much expected, you were admitted to one of the best business schools in the world. Once all those first emotions are gone the inevitable thoughts about all the paperwork and the planning necessary to prepare what could probably be one of the most significant experiences of your life arrive, and with those ones of the most basic questions: Where am I going to live?
It is normal that when you first start your research for the perfect student house you may not know where to begin or what to expect, luckily you have come to the right place

Choose the right place


Certainly, one criteria to consider when choosing where are you going to live is comfort, after all, you are probably looking for what will be your home during the next year. While most properties for rent in the city meet the basic requirements of the modern life (such as Internet connection, heating, hot water or equipped kitchens), there are other characteristics that could positively or negatively affect your experience. If you are not planning on getting a car, for example, it may be more handy to look for a location that allows you to get to the campus in a short time and at the same time that offers you an easy access the city center where you will find most of the shops, of course the “ideal” location will largely depend on your personal needs and expectations.

On the right conditions

French standards

Also, something that you may want to consider when house hunting in Fontainebleau are the French standards for properties. France is an old country known for preserving its history and culture, as such, it has countless buildings that are more than a hundred years old. Anyway, this should be nothing to worry about because most of them have been adapted to the current construction and sanitary standards, on top of this they preserve an undeniable charm where you could probably find beautiful old wooden floors or stunning marble fireplaces. That being said, renting a property that has been recently renovated and recently furnish could only have a positive impact on your quality of life during the time of your stay, avoiding you the possible inconveniences related to malfunction due to deterioration for continuous use.

Fontainebleau, France

Another point to consider is the average size of the properties, although this depends on the type of property, in general, you find properties ranging from 25 m² for the smaller studios to 90 m² for the two or three-bedroom apartments, also those properties located in the city center will tend to be a little smaller than those located on the peripheries.
Needless to say that the options near the campus or within the city are not the only ones that exist, especially if you have a car or you are planning to rent one, in this case staying in one of the locations around Fontainebleau can become an extraordinary cultural experience, places like Fleury-en-Biere or Courances have beautiful Castles, which are properties unique in their style and are about thirty minutes away. Other small towns such as Samois-sur-Seine, with their houses nearby the Seine river or even Avon for its proximity to the train station, open a range of options that will easily adjust to the expectations of each student to make your experience in France something memorable.

Rent in Fontainebleau

Finally, the criteria that often becomes decisive when it comes to housing, is undoubtedly the monthly cost of rent, you should know that the amount to pay will depend on different factors such as size, type of property, location and even services. While must of the student accommodations are around 900 euros (charges included), the truth is that if you start your search in advance you may find something cheaper that suits better your needs and budget.